Saturday, August 28, 2010

American Chinese Food : Part II

Earlier this summer when we were under the weather, Thomas made a yummy egg-drop-style soup for dinner one night. Recently, he decided to re-create it with some tips from a recipe he found online. We took photos so we could share it with you!

Egg Drop Soup

about 3 cups of chicken broth (we used water with bouillon cubes)
2 eggs
frozen vegetables (or fresh, of your choice)
  1. Bring broth to a boil.
  2. Scramble eggs. Add them to boiling broth, while stirring. The eggs will begin to coagulate, and the stirring will ensure they break apart. Turn down the temperature so your soup is simmering.
  3. Add spices to your liking. Ginger will add a Chinese-food taste. Thomas has also added rosemary. We like rosemary a lot. I like the flavor it adds to this. You can also add a small bit of soy sauce, and perhaps some garlic powder.
  4. Stir in a few teaspoons of cornstarch to thicken soup.
  5. Add vegetables. We just added some frozen mixed vegetables - the kind with corn, carrots, green beans, and peas. Cook till these are no longer frozen/fresh vegetables are tender.
  6. Serve and enjoy!

We ate ours with some chicken & veggie stir-fry on rice.


  1. It helps to break up the eggs if you stir it in one direction supposedly...

  2. That's interesting that you add the eggs first. I've always added it last, right after turning off the heat so they don't get too overcooked. And I agree that it does help to just stir in one direction, and I've also found that it helps to drizzle the eggs in over a fork so that it cooks more in ribbons.

    Also, a few months ago we had this really awesome egg drog-type soup that seemed to have a can of chicken noodle soup added to it. I tried it myself and it was pretty good variation!

    (We try a lot of Asian food at our house. :))