Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dinner...It's What's for Dinner

Anyone hungry out there? Well, at some future date to be arranged by a future winner, we're opening up a random drawing for all who comment to this post in which YOU could win a free entree for you, your significant other, and certainly your offspring should you have them. Rules are as follows:

1. Only one entry (via comment) per person.
2. The random drawing will be done no later than August 15.
3. The winner must either a) host us or b) submit to be our guests in Provo.
4. The winner must provide a side or dessert.

May the commenting begin! :^D

P.S. We're also open to negotiating and/or inviting anyone else that wants. :^)


  1. Pick us!!! :D We were so excited to come over for dinner earlier this summer!!! And then so greatly disappointed when we had to cancel at the very last minute. :( Please, Please, PLEASE!!! (Can this be rigged? LoL!!!)
    P.S. I still can't read your blog from my computer. I think the thing needs some serious talking to by my dad (the computer is scared of him and will start working if he just touches it normally...). I am using Casey's right now...

  2. I was actually after the last minute...

    It'll be random.

    Oops, I just put myself in the pool. I'll exclude us.

  3. haha Lisa you're so funny :oD

  4. Hooray! A drawing! So, are you going to give me an excuse to visit? :)

  5. That is why I said "very." That night had an unexpected minor crisis come up. :( It was not fun to deal with and I greatly missed seeing your beautiful faces!!! :)

  6. I keep checking this page to see how much competition there is... just thought you might get a laugh out of that... :)