Sunday, May 9, 2010

Louisiana Home Cookin'

Thanks to Thomas' dad, Jeff, we got to enjoy some Cajun CJ's Jambalaya last week.

Back in March, when Jeff drove from Florida to Utah for some business, our wedding, etc., he happened upon some dry Cajun Jambalaya mixes at a gas station convenience store (I think). Trusting the good reports of the locals, he picked up a package of the Jambalaya mix and the Gumbo mix and let us choose one. I decided we'd try the Jambalaya!

It was so easy to put together. The package had two packets of ingredients and instructions that were simple to follow. I was impressed to find a sticker referencing John 14:6.

We started out sauteeing some sausage and ground beef with the packet of spices. It smelled so good!

Next, we added water and the larger packet of rice and additional spices. This simmered for a while and dinner was ready!

We enjoyed our Jambalaya with some corn on the cob. The Jambalaya was a rich blend of spices, meat, and rice. I don't really know how to describe its taste but I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested!


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