Sunday, February 21, 2010

PF Chang's

We've been bad about taking pictures of what we cook lately, so we're gonna mix it up a bit and tell you about our recent meal at the Chinese restaurant PF Chang's.

Last year for Valentine's Day, Thomas and I had Chinese food delivered to my apartment, where we enjoyed it before heading to Salt Lake City where we visited his grandma. As Valentine's Day was on a Sunday this year, and we were blessed with a gift card for the above-mentioned PF Chang's (thank you, Elizabeth & Saki!!), we drove up to Orem last Saturday to celebrate the holiday a day early and to continue our ... is it a tradition if you've only done it twice? We'll say it is. To continue our tradition.

(Thomas, hungry)

The PF Chang's in Orem is part of University Mall. On either side of the entrance, there is an impressive warrior-horse statue. They both tower above the average visitor, perpendicular to the doorway and facing away from it.

Walking in, we could see probably most of the dining area. High ceilings and a lack of partition made for a very open and well-lit restaurant. Although many of the tables were occupied, the hostess seated us immediately. Service was prompt throughout our visit.

The menu featured many dishes I was not familiar with. I chose my dish, the almond & cashew chicken, from the lunch bowl section (we'd gone early so as to avoid the potential hordes of couples having their Valentine's Day dinner). I also ordered a side of spinach stir-fried with garlic; I didn't feel like being too daring, but it sounded interesting so I couldn't pass it up. I love spring rolls so we ordered those too, and Thomas tried the Chengdu spiced lamb.

Our feast began with some egg drop soup. Delicious. Our spring rolls came at that time, too. I'm a huge fan of spring rolls. They did not disappoint!

(me, eating)

The rest of our meal came shortly thereafter. We were excited to find that chopsticks were already on our table. Both of our dishes came with white rice (mine was IN my lunch bowl, with the chicken on top; his was in a second bowl).

(almond & cashew chicken)

My almond & cashew chicken turned out to be alright. The almonds were an interesting addition to the typical cashew chicken with which I am familiar. The sauce was on the sweet side, toned down by the white rice. The spinach was cooked to just the right point; it still somewhat held its shape.

(spinach stir-fried with garlic)

Thomas enjoyed his lamb dish. I tried a taste of it myself. I'd never had lamb before, but it was well-seasoned and tender in my opinion. Thomas just says, "it was good."

(Chengdu spiced lamb)

We both really enjoyed getting to dress up, go out, and try new things. It was a successful celebration for us.


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